YDL and sound

Subject: YDL and sound
From: Chris von Rabenau (cvonrabe@chartermi.net)
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 07:37:30 MDT

ŠI can see from the history of the this group that there has been many
discussions re: sound. I am fairly new to Linux, but have made the
commitment both personally and at work. I have YDL installed on my Bronze
Powerbook and rarely exit out to the Mac. I do have MOL installed and have a
few problems there yet, butŠ

I have no sound outside the bell (at least I don't think that I do). I have
not tried playing a CD yet, but when I test ANY of the system sounds in the
KDE controls I get nothing. Am I missing something? I have done the 'module
dmasound' thing and that is what gave me the bell. Thank you to the posts on

Chris von Rabenau

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