Re: quik on Umax C500

Subject: Re: quik on Umax C500
From: Ben Jansen (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 23:07:59 MDT

> rpm is there to help you though; I'm not sure why you "avoid it like the
> plague".

Because of all the troubles I've had with it. If it didn't try so hard
to be 'smart' (i.e. didn't try to keep track of what's installed/what's
not), it'd be great. The way it is, it's too easy to break, and once
it's broken, nearly impossible to fix.

Anyway, I'm compiling rpm-3.0.6 from the tar.gzipped sources as I write.
(Removing 4 and re-installing it from the sources did not work.) How do
you suggest I proceed once 3 is installed?


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