Re: quik on Umax C500

Subject: Re: quik on Umax C500
From: Hollis Blanchard (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 12:43:13 MDT

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 12:09:01AM -0700, Ben Jansen wrote:
> > Because of all the troubles I've had with it. If it didn't try so hard
> > to be 'smart' (i.e. didn't try to keep track of what's installed/what's
> > not), it'd be great. The way it is, it's too easy to break, and once
> > it's broken, nearly impossible to fix.

That suggests to me you're not using it right. :) But no one ever said you
*have* to, so it's your call...

> I used RPM 3 to install quik-2.0-j. I don't know why it didn't work
> before.

Hmm, everything in the ydl-2-beta directory should be in rpm4 format. You might
still be running 4 without knowing it.

> Anyway, as I was watching Linux boot I saw something about the MacOS
> video being on '/valkyrie'. I used nvsetenv to make output-device =
> /valkyrie and auto-boot? = false, and rebooted.
> Sure enough, there it was, the glorious white heaven of OF on my
> monitor. :-) (On a side note, is this setting, /valkyrie, particular to
> my machine? According to the LinuxPPC install guide, Umax C500's can't
> have monitor OF output.)

Nice. Yeah, valkyrie is the onboard video controller on your machine (and is
also found in 6400's and that's about it).

> I'm mucking around in OF, which has actually gotten me farther than any
> of the documentation on it, except for the few commands shown in LPPCs
> install guide. Before, I always ran into
> can't OPEN: <whatever boot-device was>
> Now I can get past that, but I only have underscores marching down my
> screen, one for each time OF tries the boot-command script. (I used the
> one from LPPCs install guide to avoid default catch errors.)

By "one", do you mean the little script that makes sure the disk has spun up?
Could you paste it here? If it prints an underscore every time it loops, that
could certainly explain the output below.

> The OF screen looks like this when it doesn't run into can't open errors:
> _
> _
> _
> _
> etc.
> Does this ring a bell for anyone?
> Sorry for being irritating, but it seems like I'm so close..

It does sound like that. You might be using the wrong boot-device, in which
case the problem is not that the disk hasn't spun up, but rather that it's the
wrong disk. :)

Have you seen
? It may help.


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