RE: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")

Subject: RE: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")
From: Pete Peters (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 11:52:34 MDT

Uh, did you bother searching the archives, reading the man pages, a
linux book, or any of a thousand sites out there? Sorry to sound like a
smart-ass, but you've provided *ZERO* info other than a request to
"Please hold my hand." Ya gotta take some initiative if you're gonna
mess w/ Linux. I don't know how myself, but I would certainly spend a
little time trying to figure it out before posting a question.

Also notice how I changed the subject line to something a little more
useful. That especially helps when you, or someone else, is searching.


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How do i setup ftp server on yellow dog linux

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