Re: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")

Subject: Re: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")
From: Donn (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:34:13 MDT

Pete Peters wrote:
> Uh, did you bother searching the archives...

I would agree with Randy's comment and add that this is the
"yellowdog-general" list, not a developer's or purely advanced user
list, at least that's my impression and the main reason why I'm on it. I
too lurk and occasionally ask a question, but after being ignored for
the majority of times, I shy away from it. I do spend a lot of time at
Chapters going through the books on Linux of every variety trying to
ferret out information specific to running linux on a Mac/PPC machine,
but there is very little out there. I also spend a lot of time on the
web, but again, even if the information is there it's unclear as to
whether or not it pertains to the PPC as well as the PC/386/486 etc.
machines. So...
It's great to be able to just ask a simple question right at the start
and have some helpful soul just point in the right direction (like a
teacher or peer would usually do). There's really no benefit to
reprimanding someone on-line (other than what I'm doing now I guess :-)
for asking a question.

I look at linux on the Mac as a good thing and I'd like to see its power
able to be used by many more users. It also has a high "cool" factor to
it when running some of the Gnome derivatives, i.e. the translucent
moving windows. TerraSoftSolutions seems to understand the need to make
installation and management of the linux system easier to use - this
will result in more users and a good number of them will learn more and
pass it on. If anyone wants a private club, I don't think linux will
remain that for very much longer, i.e. "Ya gotta take some initiative if
you're gonna mess w/ Linux" doesn't fly. The true power in a system is
the same as in a web site or any other computer based technology; at the
surface you can satisfy the needs of the new user, while at the same
time offering doors to more and more detailed information and control to
satisfy the needs of the power user. Linux will hopefully be able to
satisfy ma and pa wanting to run Office while still giving a web/network
administrator the power and features they want... look at what Apple is
doing with OS X - they recognize it too - but there system costs over
$100 (Can) to update to.

Thanks for the info on setting up ftp, I will be attempting that soon myself.

Cheers all!

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