RE: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")

Subject: RE: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")
From: Pete Peters (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:39:20 MDT

I lurk to learn also, but I prefer more than "the car is broke"
questions. Probably from too many years as a tech support person. Also,
I believe that question is a perennial favorite, so a few minutes
researching and Scott would probably have discovered the answer himself,
an invaluable experience.

Btw, Sam's answer was good, as was David Bourke's even better. They're
in my Linux keepers folder.

Okay, I will consider myself severely chastised, and will attempt to
hold a civil tongue in the future.


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Subject: RE: How do I setup ftp server? (was "Help please")

>Sorry to sound like a smart-ass, but you've provided *ZERO* info
>other than a request to
>"Please hold my hand." Ya gotta take some initiative if you're gonna
>mess w/ Linux.

Gee, Pete, I'm sorry, but you are a smart-#**! Take a look at how Sam
handled the question. His answer was concise, and added useful
information that I found very helpful, even though I didn't ask the
question. Thanks Sam!

>Also notice how I changed the subject line to something a little more
>useful. That especially helps when you, or someone else, is searching.

This is a good comment. Use the subject line, it helps filter out the
information I am not interested in.

As a lurker, the answers to questions are invaluable in my quest to
get linux, especially yellow dog, up and howling on my server.

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