RS/6000 F50 Crashing During Install

Subject: RS/6000 F50 Crashing During Install
From: Steve kurlin (
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 03:59:41 MDT


I have put this message out on this list earlier but had no response.

I really need some help!!!!! Please........

I have tried a number of things:-

1/ Taking Machine to bare minimum My minimum memory is 256MB.

 The memory board I have in this machine has 128MB Simms. I seached
the archives of "Yellow Dog" and found someone experienced similar problems
due to the kernel they used not supporting more than 512MB Memory.

2/ I have tried a number of kernels (zImage). 2.2.15, 2.2.17. 2.2.19

I understand this list is for very advanced users and I should be able to
get this machine going as others have. I just need pointing in the right

I have several RS/6000 machines available to me for experimental purposes.

I have been successful on an IBM 7248 43P (140)
I am currently trying IBM 7025-F50
I will be testing the Following IBM 7026-H50, IBM 7026 H80, IBM 7025-F80.

Hopefully this will add value to this list

Below is my original Message.....

Can any one assist.

I have been trying to install Yellow Dog Linux on a

IBM 7025 F50
DUAL 166MHZ Processors
512 MB Memory
1 x GXT 120P Graphics Adapter

I originally tried to boot with the zImage from dburcaw. Located within
the Yellow dog linux pages. (I had no succes)..... Error message while
reading that file from diskette was " Could not open deblocker"

I tried with the zImage from the "/install/chrp" directory on the Install
CD of Champion server 1.2 (SUCCESS)

I have installed Linux completely and when it is running it runs like a rocket.
Unfortunately it is not stable and reboot very intermittently. This machine
passes all IBM Diags and Runs AIX with absolutely no problems at all.

The same copy of this Linux has installed fine on the following machine and
seems to run flawless

7248 439 140
Single Processor
128 MB Memory
1 x GXT 120 P

Any suggestions?

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