Re: YDL 2.0 Download availability?

Subject: Re: YDL 2.0 Download availability?
From: Marc Stergionis (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 10:22:13 MDT

At 5/17/01 8:50 AM, Graham Leggett from the digital address typed these wise words:

>Donn wrote:
>> Very good! I think acronyms were the beginning of the decay of modern
>> society... kind of like having secret codes for your club - you can seem
>> really smart while others around you just stand there looking confused
>> and little!
>Acronyms are IMNSHO just born out of laziness.
>Instead of wondering about secret club conspiracy theories, why not just
>do the adult thing and just ask what they mean? Oh - they already did.
>Oh well.

I think they gained most of their popularity when chat rooms and instant
messaging hit the fan, situations where tearing out a response and
uploading it are much more accelerated. Not situations I personally ever
had any interest spending time in.


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