Re: quickie UNIX command

Subject: Re: quickie UNIX command
From: Sam Moore (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 11:28:52 MDT

Hmmm... wouldn't
rm *string*
have worked? (using * as wildcard, fore and aft - this is filename globbing, no
grep involved)
Not at a *nix box, so I can't check...

PS you do mean files whose names contain the string, don't you?

On 5/17/01 at 11:56 AM, (Gawain Reifsnyder) wrote:

> I want to remove files in a directory on my YDL machine that contain
> a certain string. I think I'm getting close but no cigar... I'm
> thinking it's something like:
> rm | grep -l 'search string' *
> Any hints?

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