Re: quickie UNIX command

Subject: Re: quickie UNIX command
From: Gawain Reifsnyder (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 12:45:23 MDT

At 1:28 PM -0400 on 5/17/01, Sam Moore wrote:

>PS you do mean files whose names contain the string, don't you?

Hollis' suggestion did the trick. Here's the problem... (this may
lead to some other more elegant solutions perhaps)

I've recently been put in charge of our very own qmail installation
for our domain and several virtual hosts. (thanks Steve!) My
postmaster mailbox has been filling up with bounced bounce messages
from spammers.

1. Spammer sends mail to nonexistent accounts at our domain
2. qmail bounces spam to forged return address
3. the bounce itself bounces, and qmail sends me a failure message

What I wanted to do was periodically go through all the messages in
postmaster's Maildir and remove any files containing the string "I
tried to deliver a bounce message to this address, but the bounce
bounced" while leaving other mail alone.

There may be more direct ways to deal with this, and although it's
probably a better topic for the qmail list I'd be interested in
suggestions. In any case, I've learned a couple new shell command
skills. :-)


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