original PB G3/Kanga/3500 support

Subject: original PB G3/Kanga/3500 support
From: deadbeef (deadbeef@mac.com)
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 10:07:40 MDT

I've got the original PowerBook G3, the one in the 3400 case. I've got
Yellowdog Linux 1.2.1 installed and running okay, but I have a couple of

1) I'd like to use accelerated video. From looking at the kernel sources,
  it appears I want to specify in BootX


(i.e. use the Chips & Technologies driver, 800x600, 16 bpp) but any
permutation of that specified, and I get a purple screen as the video
driver loads. It appears that I continue to boot, but I can't see
anything, so I can't tell what might be wrong.

Has anyone gotten accelerated video working on this machine?

2) Looking at the kernel sources, it appears the code only tries to handle
the PowerBook 3400c, which has 1 Mb of VRAM. The PowerBook G3 has 2Mb of
VRAM. I built a kernel which tested for the G3 and claimed 2Mb of VRAM,
but hey, I can't get step 1 to work, so I can't test this step.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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