altering a makefile

Subject: altering a makefile
From: Murias O'Ceallagh (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 18:28:42 MDT

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has anyone had any luck altering a makefile so it understand the ppc? I
went to compile some s/w the following happens..

gcc -c -m486 -O3 -finline-functions -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops
-DUSE_PTHREAD message.c
cc1: Invalid option `486'
make: *** [message.o] Error 1

I have to say "No Duh!" to this..

so then I go to the Makefile and I see this..

CC=gcc -c -m486 -O3 -finline-functions -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops
# This option is available for gcc-2.8.x
#CC=gcc -c -mcpu=pentiumpro -malign-double -O6 -fstrength-reduce
-fexpensive-optimizations -finline-functions -fomit-frame-p
ointer -funroll-loops
# This option is available for gcc-2.95.1, gcc-2.95.2, gcc-2.95.3,... on
P6 or later
#CC=gcc -c -mcpu=pentiumpro -march=pentiumpro -O9 -fstrength-reduce
-fexpensive-optimizations -finline-functions -fomit-frame
-pointer -funroll-loops -ffast-math -foptimize-register-move -fdefer-pop

From reading the man for gcc ( I am using 2.95.2) I was thinking about
uncommenting the last CC, then of course commenting out the first one,
replacing '-mcpu=pentiumpro' with -mcpu=ppc and deleting the

But not having a great deal of experience hacking such files, wanted to
get any other ideas here first. :)


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