Re: Video and Power Macintosh 8600/300

Subject: Re: Video and Power Macintosh 8600/300
From: Sean Riley (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 11:17:03 MDT

Make sure you look up proper monitor settings:

Then in XF86Config, edit the file to set your XF86Config file to ensure that
your mode statement matches one your monitor supports, and set the color
depth to 15 not 16 (I don't know why) and that should work. Here is my
section (it may be different because I have XFree86 4.01)

   Section "Screen"
    Driver "fbdev"
    Device "control"
    Monitor "My Monitor"
    DefaultDepth 15
    Subsection "Display"
        Depth 15
        Modes "1152x864"
        ViewPort 0 0
        Virtual 1152 864

On Monday 21 May 2001 08:29, you wrote:
> I just got an old Power Mac 8600/300 that I'm trying to set up with
> Yellow Dog 1.2. Once 2.0 comes out, this issue may go away, but until
> then, I'd like to figure this out. I'm trying to get a video mode
> besides 8 bit color. The best I've been able to do so far is 1024x768,
> 8-bit color. I should be able to go 24-bit color, albeit at poor
> resolutions. Ideally, I'd like to set my Mac to 16 bit, 1024-768. How
> do I do this? I've tried a number of things, from just letting
> Xconfigurator do it by itself, to manually editing XF86Config and
> setting the proper video mode. At this point, the problem does not seem
> to be my monitor, but the video card itself. Although it scans it as
> "control", 2 MB video ram, unaccelerated, it set's the mode in
> XF86Config as "generic", 256 k. I've tried manually editing this with
> no luck. I've also tried putting in kernel video arguments to set it to
> the mode I would like, all to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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