Re: Changing priveliges for a user account

Subject: Re: Changing priveliges for a user account
From: Jeff Ross (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 04:54:58 MDT

Look into getting sudo. It will allow you, as root, to specify which
commands a non-privledged user would be allowed to perform as root.
Mostly it is for commands like shutting down, mounting a disk like a CD,
or manually bringing up a ppp connection.

I would also urge you to limit the users and the commands they can issue
as root to the bare minimum necessary. As the holder of the root
password, you already have the capability to do these tasks with a simple
su command. To do a single command as root, use su -c 'command'.

To bad there isn't a required "root hat" to wear when we assume the
awesome power of root to remind us of the equally awesome responsibility
we take to protect the system. It really is possible to wipe out an
entire partition with a single command. I know. The hard way.

Hope that helps,

Jeff Ross

On Thu, 24 May 2001, David C. Hacker wrote:

> I want to change my normal login account to have root file permissions.
> Is this possilbe? I can't seem to find the documentation on it. Thanks
> David

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