Re: httpd help??

Subject: Re: httpd help??
From: Chris Pepper (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 09:05:31 MDT

At 10:07 AM -0400 2001/05/27, Sean O. Denney wrote:
>When I boot up YDL, it goes through the daemon startups, and httpd
>fails with the following:
>httpd: cannot determine local host name.
>Use the ServerName directive to set it manually.
>I don't have a DNS name for my server, all I have is a DHCP IP address
>from my router (the router port forwards 80 to the YDL machine).
>If anyone can tell me how/where to fix this, I would really appreciate

        It's in the Apache config file, httpd.conf. Uncomment the
ServerName line, and set the value.


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