Re: httpd help??

Subject: Re: httpd help??
From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 09:57:31 MDT

>On Mon, 28 May 2001, Chris Ruprecht wrote:
>> that is fine for a production environment at home. If you just want
>> to experiment with it and find out how things work so you can then
>> use that knowledge at work ... well, he needs to know all this stuff.
>> Next thing he'll be doing it to implement SSL ;).
> Yeah, it starts off innocently enough...I just want to have a
>little web server to experiment with...I just want to install
>PHP...install thing you know, your trying to deploy SSL and
>it's probably time to admit you have a problem...:) I know, I've been

Yep - I know, been there, done that. My SSL is still not working. One
day, when I have enough time, I will have to sort it out. I didn't
use MySQL, I went for PostGreSQL but it's not live yet. The
production environment is running with a Progress RDBMS through CGI -
which is very messy to implement and not easy to change (RedHat
Linux). I'm working myself into the PostGres stuff though and
hopefully, in 2 - 4 months will make that the production environment.

> > BTW: Where can I get the 2.0 CDs tomorrow? Will CompUSA carry them?
> Eh? Do you mean YDL 2.0 is supposed to be released to the stores
>soon? I don't really follow distros...

Well, the release date is 5/29/2001 for YDL 2.0. I'm just wondering
if it's there when I go and check today ... But I would like to know
which stores they distribute through.

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Chris Ruprecht
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