Locating FAQ/help

Subject: Locating FAQ/help
From: Michael Tucker (mtucker@eecs.harvard.edu)
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 11:28:07 MDT


  Although it may be a waste of time (because I am planning on getting YDL
2 this week), I was wondering if someone has the URL of a good FAQ for
YDL/Mac-Specific Linuxes. I tried accessing the one maintained by Reid,
but my browser (IE) didn't seem to like it (that or there is no data in
the pages :). Specifically, I am trying to address two problems:

1) PPP doesn't work properly. I can use the PPP scripts (or ifup ppp0) to
dial out, but once connected I am unable to ping anything
successfully. I see the SD light (send) on my USR modem blink when I ping,
but I nothing happens with the RD light (receive). I've played with
different utilities to no avail.

2) I am not clear on what to do to set up basic services. Specifically,
when I was setting up the eth0 on my 8600, I initially went through
linuxconf. At that point I didn't know which driver to select (still
don't), but extensive web searching revealed that I should use netconfig
instead. I never would have guessed that on my own, and I'm not sure if
that implies that I am also using the wrong utilities to set up my
services (for example.... PPP?), so if there is a FAQ that addresses stuff
like that, it would be ENORMOUSLY useful if someone could direct me to it.

Otherwise, I am quite pleased with the setup, although there are a few
other things. For example, I have yet to successfully mount an HFS drive
in Linux, so I've been unable to compile and use my own kernels. I've
noticed some odd behavior when mounting an HFS floppy disk - namely,
copying files to it reported success, but didn;t copy any data (and then
caused my system to behave strangely). This was with the kernel that ships
with CS1.2.1

If anyone has suggestions or recommends holding out for YDL2, and starting
over, let me know.


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