Re: Broken 7200 ethernet support

Subject: Re: Broken 7200 ethernet support
From: Randall Perry (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 16:58:51 MDT

on 5/28/01 4:35 PM,
at wrote:

> Thanks for the tip Bryn -- I wish these things were documented somewhere
> obvious.
> Do you have any recommendations for a good and cheap ethernet card? I'm
> weary of the Linksys card that Randall mentioned as a card that causes the
> interface to go down isn't really acceptable...
The Linksys card uses the Tulip chip set, which many other cards use. The
problem was not the card but the Tulip driver. I had some trouble updating
it and stopped working on it; but I know the new driver fixes the problem.

Randy Perry
Mac Consulting/Sales

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