Re: Related ethernet question - Apple Gigabit Ethernet

Subject: Re: Related ethernet question - Apple Gigabit Ethernet
From: Bill Fink (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 01:20:53 MDT

On Tue May 29 2001, Bob Fermin wrote:

> Here's a related question; ie ethernet support. Has anyone had any luck
> getting YDL to use the Apple gigabit ethernet card at a gigabit?

Several months ago, I did some memory-to-memory ttcp tests between
two dual G4s (each 2x500 MHz) connected back-to-back, each running
an early 2.4 kernel. With a UP kernel, I was able to achieve a
throughput of about 500 Mbps with the CPU being essentially 100%
saturated. Interestingly, using an SMP kernel, I was only able
to get about 300 Mbps on a single TCP stream, and even running two
streams in parallel only achieved a slightly higher aggregate
throughput of about 315 Mbps. I would like to rerun the SMP tests
with the most recent 2.4 kernels to see if their performance improves
significantly, but so far I haven't had the chance.

More recently, I have also tested between one of the above dual G4s
(with a UP kernel) and a 450 MHz Sun Ultra-60 running Solaris, the
two systems being connected via a GigE switch (specifically a cisco
8540). I was able to achieve slightly over 500 Mbps when transferring
data from the Ultra-60 to the G4, and about 440 Mbps in the opposite


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