Re: Software RAID

Subject: Re: Software RAID
From: Tim Tuck (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 03:12:08 MDT

Bryn Hughes wrote:
> Hi there everyone,
> I'm trying to get a software RAID array up and running. I've
> followed the HOWTO on the Linux Documentation Project page, including
> compiling my kernel with the RAID patches installed. /proc/mdstat
> shows my RAID personalities are registered. I'm using kernel 2.2.19
> from with the raid options compiled as modules.
> When I run /sbin/mkraid /dev/md0 I get:
> handling MD device /dev/md0
> analyzing super-block
> disk 0: /dev/hdb2, 3911827kB, raid superblock at 3911744kB
> disk 1: /dev/hdc4, 5245222kB, raid superblock at 5245120kB
> disk 2: /dev/hdd1, 4209376kB, raid superblock at 4209280kB
> mkraid: aborted, see the syslog and /proc/mdstat for potential clues.

Have you used fdisk to make your disks linux raid types before issuing
the mkraid command ?



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