Getting the new release - or: Adventure in computer stores

Subject: Getting the new release - or: Adventure in computer stores
From: Ruprecht, Chris (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 06:27:03 MDT

Hi all,

So the new release is out and has hit the stores. WOW! There are reports
on the list of people who have already installed it - and have problems
with it - hmm, I see. Where do I get my copy from? Check the web site
... dumm dumm - ah, here: Local distribution, click click, MicroCenter
and Frys, ok, wonderful.

So now I'm driving to MicroCenter, I'm in the area anyway. Yes, they
have a Mac department and are usually quite good. Yellowdog? Yes, I head
of it, but no, we don't have it. I have SuSE 7.1 - it's the same and
it's only $49.99. No, it's not the same, forget it, when do you get YDL?
Uhmm - we're not stocking YDL, our buyer doesn't think we need it, we
have SuSE, one Linux is enough. ... Grrrrrrrrr

Then I got the message from Kai from Terra Soft, telling me that they
should have it Wednesday (yesterday) or today. So I called: "... all
associates are busy helping other customers ... blah blah blah". Driving
there is faster, so the wife and I jump in the car and drive the 3 miles
down the road. The Mac sales person is not there, they have a PC sales
person there: Say what? Linux? For the Mac? What would you need that
for? What is it called? Ok, let's check the computer ... Yellowdog
Linux, version 2.0, yes, we carry it, quantity in stock: 0. - Sigh,

Calling Frys ... You want what? Yellowdog Linux? Is that software or
hardware? Software - ok - what? for Mac? Ok, I transfer you. Well, 5
minutes later, I eventually spoke to a lady who seemed to know what I
was talking about - sorry, no stock.

Back home: Click on Netscape, click on YDL, click on "order here", some
more clicks and keystrokes: Your order is on it's way.

Moral of the story: Don't deal with incompetence when your computer can
do it much easier - or - The elimination of the human factor.


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