8M ixmicro video

Subject: 8M ixmicro video
From: Paul K. Landers (landers@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 08:13:33 MDT

        I had pretty much given up on getting X on my Mac9500, due to it's
8M ixmicro video card. Maybe in YDL2.x, probably 'til i pop for another
card. Forces me to use cli like a grown-up :-}. I use Macs for gui, Linux
for heavy lifting. Works for me...

        Then i ran across this in the list achives;

>All ixMicro Twin Turbo Cards are not supported? I thought the 2 and 4 meg
>cards were supported. I'll have to check YDL's website again. It really
>doesn't matter in my case because I have the 8Meg version and I have heard
>that >particular version is supported. I too would like to know of a list
>supported cards because I want acceleration as well!!
>> All ixMicro Twin Turbo Cards are not supported?
>The ixMicro Ultimate Rez card is also based on the TwinTurbo chipset, but
>it's not supported (it's usuable, apparently, but not accelerated.)
        Not accelerated? I could live w/not accelerated. But i don't know
how to un-accelerate. In the past if i *touched* X( configure, startx,
anything) Everything locked up tight. No virtual console to kill anything.
Nothing. Dead. Three fingure salute.
        Is acceleration a matter of config? A module? Compiled in/out.
HOWTO's and man's don't seem to say (ok, no i haven't memorized them, but i
have looked).


"People miss opportunity because it's
 dressed in coveralls and looks like work."
        Thomas A. Edison
Paul K. Landers

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