YDL 2.0: Several questions

Subject: YDL 2.0: Several questions
From: Mark Phippard (MarkP@softlanding.com)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 08:49:15 MDT

Sorry for the newbie type questions. My Linux experience is limited to
various versions of Mandrake on Intel platform. I mostly just dubbed
around and never really developed a good understanding for Linux. I am a
programmer with about 10 years experience, mostly on the IBM AS/400 (which
also uses PPC) and Windows.

I am installing YDL 2.0 on a Powerbook G3/500 (Pismo) with 384 MB of RAM.
I have several questions:

1) Battery support. Is this really not built-in anywhere? How do I get
this enabled? I looked at the HOWTO and it just seems like TerraSoft must
have done something somewhere that I am missing to make this easier. I am
not really a Mac user, but from my limited experince in the Mac world, this
seems like it is always a big issue, so I was real surprised that this was
not turned on by default.

2) Is it possible to upgrade Netscape to 128-bit SSL? It appears that
Konqueror has this, but Netscape seems to handle some of the sites I visit
frequently a little bit better.

3) With either browser, is there some way to make the fonts a little bit
bigger and cleaner? I have had this problem with Linux on Intel as well.
I view it as a pretty big drawback to using the regularly.

4) Not really a question ... yet. I have had problems with PPP. It
worked initially, then it stopped. After it connects the pppd daemon dies,
something about too many files open (of course nothing else is running).
Since I was having other problems, I have since done a reinstall. I am
currently connected to my Ethernet at work so I have not had a chance to
try this again. Just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone else is
having a similar problem.

5) Modem speaker. There is no modem sound. This is also a OS X problem.
Maybe it did something to the modem that has really screwed up the speaker.
I was hoping to get it back with YDL, but it still doesn't make any sound.
I have fiddled with the options in the configurator to no avail.

6) Startup sound volume. Is there some way to either get rid of the sound
you hear when you log on to KDE and/or turn down its volume? The only way
I have found to do this is to turn off the startup of the ArtS server, but
I assume this has other ramifications that I may come to regret.

Other comments:

Install was pretty easy, though not quite as polished as Mandrake.

When things are working, it is very fast. Way faster than OS X.

Dual boot on single drive with OS X seems to work well.

I was initially suprised that the 2.4.x kernel was not installed, and that
I didn't have a choice, but then I found the explanation on the TerraSoft



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