switching from debian to YDL2.0

Subject: switching from debian to YDL2.0
From: Scott Frankel (leknarf@pacbell.net)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 22:27:19 MDT

I'm switching from debian (potato release) to YDL2.0 for my PowerBook
Pismo (2000).
And after reading the installation pages online, I'm wondering if I can
retain the partitions
I've already created for Linux. I've read that the custom install
process will *allow* me
to. But ...

On debian, the Apple_Bootstrap partition is granted a mere 800K; whereas
for YDL, it's
apparently given 10MB. That's a sturdy bootstrap! What's behind this?

I've also set aside 2GB of /usr space and 4GB of /home space. Are these
still reasonable
under YDL (in addition to /root and swap)?


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