Re: OS9.2.1/OS X.1/YDL2.0 Boot Help

Subject: Re: OS9.2.1/OS X.1/YDL2.0 Boot Help
From: Mr Mac (Mr_Mac@Support.Org)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 21:37:21 MDT


Thanks for the reply. Like how I had it, all 3 OS's are loaded. You have
to boot OSX to launch Classic (not sure).. If so, OSX will not boot if you
have BootX installed to launch OS9 or Linux from it.. When you config the
Wallstreet to boot OSX in Startup Disk, it boots you in Open Firmware.
Under Linux it shows OSX to be on /dev/hda9. Can anybody tell me what toe
boot instruction is to boot from /dev/hda9?


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Subject: Re: OS9.2.1/OS X.1/YDL2.0 Boot Help

> You're in the right place, however, my only experiences with YDL have
> been on a box dedicated for it running MacOS 9.1. However, I have
> one question. Has anyone tried booting into Linux with BootX via
> launching Classic? I want to know what happens.
> --Brian

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