RE: Differences between PostGreSQL and mysql

Subject: RE: Differences between PostGreSQL and mysql
From: Ruprecht, Chris (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 12:18:24 MDT


It depends very much on what you're doing with the database.
Here is an extremely simplified response to your question:
If you want to store a number of static records and seldom update them,
use MySQL.
If you want to write an application where users constantly
change/add/delete records, use PostGres.

To make any better statement, one would need more info about your
database needs. I have to admit that I have never used MySQL, but I have
done some work in PostGreSQL and a lot of work in Progress 4GL/RDBMS
(not available for PPC Linux). I found that PostGreSQL is slightly
faster than Progress (which is a commercial product) running on the same
machine with similar memory/disk requirements.

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> Subject: Differences between Postgresql and mysql
> Hey all,
> I need to create a database for some of the work that I am
> doing, and I have
> noticed that Postgresql and mysql seem to be popular on this
> list. Can
> anyone give me a run down on the differences between the two, and some
> advantages, disadvantages to either (ie configuration
> difficulty). The
> database will have to be accessed through window (odbc
> utility), and maybe
> through the internet.
> Nathan Z.

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