Apache question

Subject: Apache question
From: Brian Mayton (bmayton@mac.com)
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 18:01:15 MDT

I have basically the default apache config file running, with a few minor
adjustments. I have userdirs set to be public_html, and they seem to work
fine, except for one thing. If you just go to a particular user's folder
without specifying a file, like, say http://xxxx.dyndns.org/~bmayton/ you
get a forbidden message. If you go to
http://xxxx.dyndns.org/~bmayton/index.html the page comes up correctly.
Basically it looks like it's not reading index.html as the default file.
How can I set index.html to be the default file for the userdirs as well as
the main var/www folder?

Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, one more thing: on my Mac OS X box I used to be able to restart
apache by typing "apachectl restart" as root. How can I do this on my YDL

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