Re: stupid emacs question

Subject: Re: stupid emacs question
From: David Wheeler (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 12:56:14 MDT

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 11:30, Paul CÚzanne wrote:
> ok, I know there is an easy answer for this one but I've been reading FAQ, man pages, and the GNU Emacs manual for hours and I'm still scratching my head.
> I have a stock YDL 2.0 installation, running GNOME, and when I type "emacs" in a terminal window I get a terminal based emacs window. It is as if I used the "-nw" option.
> What am I missing?

As distributed with YDL 2.0, Emacs is not compiled with the X Toolkit.
Furthermore, the 20.7 sources have a bug related to PPC and YDL. I went
through quite a lot of debugging with the Emacs developers before they
nailed the problem down and patched it. I recommend, however, that if
you want GNU Emacs with the X toolkit compiled on your YDL box, you not
compile 20.7, but instead download the (patched) 21.x development
sources and compiles those. They contain the latest patches for PPC/YDL,
and seem to work without a hitch.



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