Re: Airport and 2.4 kernels

Subject: Re: Airport and 2.4 kernels
From: Ted Goranson (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 17:06:30 MDT

>I suggest giving:
>a go. This is the kernel that will ship with 2.1 on Wednesday.
>(note: there is an issue with reiserfs support.. so if you want to
>play with that, I advise waiting for an update)

I have this kernel installed and have followed the instructions at:


But not religiously, because the instruction:

>For this step, you will need to know your AirPort network's name.
>This is configured via Apple's Base Station Software. With that
>information, type:
>/sbin/modprobe airport network_name="YOUR NETWORK NAME HERE"
>If you have encryption activated on your Base Station, then you will
>need to find the hexidecimal key of your AirPort network password.
>You can get this key using Apple's Base Station admin tool. There's
>a menu option to get the "Network Equivalent Password" in the "Base
>Station" menu. Then run:
>/sbin/modprobe airport network_name="YOUR NETWORK" enc=ABC123456
>/sbin/iwconfig airport enc ABCD123456
>(replace "ABCD123456" with the key value you just found)

My airport network is too simple to have a name. So what do I do?

Best, Ted

Ted Goranson
Fusecap and Sirius-Beta, Virginia Beach USA
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