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Subject: Re: Courier
From: Bryn Hughes (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 11:22:27 MDT

on 10/18/01 2:17 PM, Rob Brandt at wrote:

> I've heard good things about Courier as a mail server. I don't see
> it on the YDL dist list. Is there an RPM somewhere that someone has
> had good luck with on YDL 2.0?
> Rob

Hi Rob,

There aren't really RPMs of courier out there anywhere. It's too dependent
on the version of all sorts of things on the system. However it's REALLY
easy to build an RPM of it as it's already set up for you! Once you have a
non-root ID (any id whatsoever) set up for building RPM packages all you
have to do is log in what that ID and type 'rpm -ta courier-0.35.tar.gz' (or
whatever version of courier you're building). It takes about 45 minutes to
an hour on a G3 class machine to build the RPM packages, and then you can
install them as normal. There's no configuration to be done with Courier,
the spec file and everything is all set up already.

To build RPM packages as non-root, follow these instructions from the
Courier FAQ:

Q: I don't know how to build the RPM packages as non-root

A: You should really go out and get a copy of "Maximum RPM". It's very out
of date, but if you learn the basics, you'll be able to figure the rest out
by yourself. The following instructions are applicable to RPM 3.0.4, or
higher. First, you need to create a mirror image of the main RPM directory
in your account:

mkdir $HOME/rpm
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/SOURCES
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/SPECS
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/BUILD
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/SRPMS
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/RPMS
    mkdir $HOME/rpm/RPMS/i386 (Use ppc, or alpha, or whatever's


echo "%_topdir $HOME/rpm" >> $HOME/.rpmmacros

That's it, now you can build your RPMs:

rpm -ta courier-0.20.tar.gz (or whatever .tar.gz file you have downloaded
for Courier)

The RPMS will be created in $HOME/rpm/RPMS/ppc/

You can then switch to root and install them as normal.

(ps. I'm running courier, I love it!!!! GREAT mail system which has
performed so well for me it's not even funny)


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