Sound Issues

Subject: Sound Issues
From: Michael Tucker (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 19:26:52 MDT

Hi All,

  I have a few basic issues regarding sounds in YDL 2... Specifically,
sound seems to work, as when I go to the Sound Events panel in the Gnome
Control Center and "play" any of the wav's through it, I hear them come
through my internal speaker. However, I cannot get gtcd to play any
CDs... It is able to read the track information and claims to be playing,
but nothing comes out. Also, I would prefer to have sound come out of the
speaker port on the back isntead of the internal speaker, but I am not
sure how to set that up. Any ideas? I'm running YDL2 (straight off the
CD) on an 8600/300.


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