Netatalk and printing...

Subject: Netatalk and printing...
From: Dave Braford (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 06:22:04 MDT

Hello to anyone,

I am using YLD 2.0 and used the printtool to
set up the q's. My intended printer will use a filter (gs)
BUT some printers will not use a filter of any kind.

Having problems with piping a netatalk broadcasted printer's
input (ps file) to lpd....
I can see (and start printing to..) the printer in
the MAC OS environment, but the file just sits in the PrintMonitor.
It states - "Spooling print job" or something to that effect.
I can cancel the job(s) just fine, but........

here is the papd.conf file

lpr 5 Creative:\
:pr=|/var/spool/lpd/5_Creative/lpr -P5Creative:\

I can print an eps or text file from the Linux box
with lpr -P5Creative filename

and I think the paths are correct....
in fact, I'm sure.

Yes, I know I can setup Desktop Printing on Mac
and print to LPR q's; and it faster over IP;
but I would just like to see if it can be done like this.

Desktop Printing software for the MAC
is messy in some cases.....

Does pap need a .paprc file in the 5_Creative q ?
Owned by whom ? and maybe contents would be:

5 Creative:5Creative

Is if possible to pipe the file gathered by 5 Creative to GS
and then print it or ????????

Any thoughts would be greatly apprecialted......

Dave Braford
IT Manager
Hanon McKendry Advertising
(616) 776-1111 x23

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