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Subject: Re: Routing Question
From: Barry Sparenborg (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 18:46:02 MDT

on 10/24/01 7:32 AM, Dave Braford at wrote:

> Why use PPP for work ?
> Why not set up rules at work to allow ONLY
> your home computer's ip(2) in? or IPSEC ?
> can manitain mutiple connections
> and just make changes to the routing table as to
> where they can do it manually by
> masquerading (like you suggested) or with static
> routes. I would do static routes if I were you....
> You just set up a route that says all requests for
> go here (ppp0) or where-ever. OR do it the other way...
> All requests that AREN'T in the subnet go to
> PPPoe (DSL)....I guess I like that better......
> Chime in everyone....I know this post will gather opinions.
> Message in response to:
>> Well its been 2 years now and i can finally get DSL in my area. I have been
>> using my Linux box (powermac 8500 and ydl champion server 1.2.1) as my
>> router, firewall and masq server sharing a dial-up connection with 4
>> comuters on my home network (works great but very SLOW!!!!!). I now want to
>> get DSL and also retain a PPP connection to my place of work. My question
>> is how to set up my routing table to use the DSL link as my default gateway
>> and how to route calls to my place of work through ppp0. I would assume
>> that i would point my works networking addresses that are
>> through ppp0 (i also want to bring this interface up on demand) and all
>> other through eth0 (my DSL interface). Is this the correct thinking. Any
>> helpfull hints. Can i masq 2 interfaces?
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>> Barry
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I like the idea of PPPoe! Don't know much about it though. Any place to
learn more.

Thanks Again.

Barry Sparenborg

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