Re: More ethernet woes...

Subject: Re: More ethernet woes...
From: Dave Braford (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 05:56:19 MDT

AH HA !!!!! I knew it was something simple !!!
I'm glad I'm the problem and not the hardware.
SOOOO...just replace the existing eth drive IN the kernel
(only 1 to avoid potential startup hangs...). Got it.
I'll give it a try today.

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>I'm using the 'dist' version, but I recompiled my kernel and built the tulip
>driver into the kernel as opposed to as a module. I'd check and see if the
>module is actually loading or not (I think dmesg will tell you).
>on 10/24/01 2:16 PM, Dave Braford at wrote:
>> yep....
>> are you using tulip -0.92 or the "dist" version ?
>> Could I trouble you to send your working kernel ?
>> That would pretty much fix it.
>> Here's how I load tulip
>> in /etc/modules.conf
>> alias eth0 (or 1) tulip.o
>> and in /etc/rc.d/sysinit/modules
>> insmod tulip
>> Whadaya think ????
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