Re: Routing Question

Subject: Re: Routing Question
From: Bacil D. Warren, Lead Programmer (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 06:50:16 MDT

on 10/25/01 5:08 AM, Dave Braford <> is purported
to have said:

> I don't have personal exprience with DSL, because it sucks.
> Can't you get cable internet in you area ??? Cheaper.
> Just as fast in the long-run. Easier. No PPoe.

1) If you don't have any personal experience with it, you can't know whether
it sucks or not.
2) I have used both Cable and DSL. DSL is much faster, average-over-time.
3) I don't know about your setup, but my DSL setup does not involve PPPoe.
The DSL router gets its address from the providers DHCP pool, and my
computers are on a private subnet. I use NAT on the router, and filter
there. If your provider forces your computer to use DHCP, rather than the
router, poke around in the router a bit. If it's a Cisco, email me off-list
and I'll see if I can get you started.

Bacil D. Warren, CNA
Lead Programmer, CEO
Quixotic Raindrop Software

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