Re: Can not boot ibook from YDL 2.0 CD

Subject: Re: Can not boot ibook from YDL 2.0 CD
From: Ted Goranson (
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 20:05:42 MST

>I have an ibook that used to boot off of the YDL 2.0 CD fine and now
>when I put it in the drive boot and hold down the C key it just boots to
>a little picture of a folder with an exclamation point flashing on it.
>I can boot off of the mac os disks for X and 9.1 but not the YDL disk.
>I want to setup a dual boot with OS X but I have to get YDL installed
>first. Any help would be great. Thanks Jeff Turley


You may not have a pram problem or scratched disk. This same thing
happened to me on my Pismo w/ Apple DVD drive. I am unable to boot
off any YDL OR Mac OS disk. I suspect it is something to do with the
mucking about we've done (and I've done a lot) in that yaboot file.
Probably powerbook specific because you are the first to mention it.

Best, Ted

Ted Goranson
Fusecap and Sirius-Beta, Virginia Beach USA
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