Re: Tulip NIC list?

Subject: Re: Tulip NIC list?
From: Nathan A. McQuillen (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 01:09:56 MDT

Just installed a Farallon 10/100 card ( (c) 1997 -- Intel branded chip )
and it works splendidly with no recompilation necessary (precompiled
kernels 2.2.15pre3 and higher). The card was reasonably cheap and seems
quite speedy and stable.

There's a list of Tulip-tested cards that pops up if you search Google for
"tulip" and a card manufacturer. Sorry if i missed a posted URl for the
site -- a bit spacy tonight but happy that the card works. We get our
switch tomorrow.

My recommendation to all newbie users looking to install a 10/100 card is
to look for a unit in the $40-$70 range, with no special features
(manageability, PNP) -- worked for me at least. Sort of sucks to have to
forego a $13 card (SMC) for the Farallon, but I'm sure there are some
additional benefits somewhere in the bargain.

G'night all.

 - N.

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