Re iMac DVSE 500

Subject: Re iMac DVSE 500
From: William F. Hostman (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 03:26:22 MDT

CPU: the new 500 MHz iMac DV SE, apple pro mouse and pro keyboard.
Kernel: BenH's vmlinux-2.2.17pre13-ben1

Problems: couldn't get X cause couldn't get mouse configured.

Solution found: installed the modules (DUH! I feel stupid over that one),
and did several other small fixes, as follows:

RTFM: got the following (and did):
        cd /dev
        rm usbmouse
        rm mouse
        mkdir input
        mknode input/mice c 13 63
        ln -s input/mice mouse
        ln -s input/mice usbmouse
then did
set it for 1 button usb, emul 3 btn.
next did
set it for iMac monitor, 1024x768, all three bit-depths
Next did
        pico /etc/X11/XF86Config
went down to the pointer section
        protocol = "IMPS/2"
        device = "/dev/input/mice"
saved and did
        shutdown -r now
on reboot, login and did

now, it wants to look for mouse in /dev/mouse but that fails to poll on
startx. However, directly pointing it to /dev/input/mice worked fine. I
have no clue why; IFM.

can't figure out which keys are used to emulate btn-2 & btn-3; figure I'll
get a real 3-btn sooner or later. can run X, do many things with X. time to
RTFM again, so I can switch from KDE to GNOME... but that will wait.

am going to do some fiddling about, and see if I can try out goo's kernel
on another partition.

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