USB PCI Cards and USB KVM Switches for Linux?

Subject: USB PCI Cards and USB KVM Switches for Linux?
From: Reid Anderson (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 15:43:02 MDT

I am looking to link the following two computers to one

Computer 1:
Mac G4
OS 9.0.4
Fully USB
VGA Video port


Computer 2:
Mac G3 Tower (Beige)
YDL Champion Server 1.2
Serial Ports (no USB)
Mac Video Port (the old style)


(1) USB Keyboard
(1) USB Wacom Mouse/Tablet/Pen Combo
(1) Palm IIIe Cradle

I am ready to buy the following but I want to see if anyone knows if it will
or will not work...

IOGEAR MiniView USB KVM Switch (2-port)
    -Has (4) USB ports to connect devices
    -Has (1) VGA Video port to connect to Monitor
    -Has (2) VGA Video ports to connect to each computer
    -Has (2) USB ports to connect to each computer

    -Has 2 USB Ports

Any Mac Video to VGA Adapter
    I can get one from the computer people I work with here at school.

Does anyone know if the USB card would be acceptable to YDL?
Would I need anything special to use the USB Ports?
Is USB even supported?

Anyone with some input would be greatly appreciated!

    Reid Anderson

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