Re: I think GNOME's turning Japanese...

Subject: Re: I think GNOME's turning Japanese...
From: Michael A. Peters ( )
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 10:10:43 MDT

Didn't do a full instal of LinuxPPC did ya?
If you installed LinuxPPC 2000 full install, its a known issue.
If its yellow dog, I'm very interested in what caused it... (I've
done several YDL full installs w/o that problem)

>... I really think so! I went ahead and did an install, and everything
>looks great, except that all the menus, buttons, etc. in GNOME are coming
>up in Japanese, even though I specifically asked for English in the login
>dialog. I'd like to be able to alter the setings, but can't read the
>language. Any ideas?

Michael A. Peters--

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