Re: xterminal permissions?

Subject: Re: xterminal permissions?
From: goo (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 11:40:16 MDT

> I noticed I can't run certain commands (ie 'route') from the default bash
> terminal(konsole?) while in runlevel 5, even as 'superuser'. If I logout and
> log in as 'root' in runlevel 3 I can run these commands.

You say "certain" commands...but it almost sounds like you're trying to use
the console window as an xterm, which shouldn't work at all.

Assuming you're /not/ doing that, have you looked at your $PATH variable in
both cases and compared them? You can also just do "which <command>" and if
the command is in your PATH, you'll get back the full path for it -- if it's
/not/ in your PATH, it won't show up.


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