Install YDL 1.2 on 43P-140

Subject: Install YDL 1.2 on 43P-140
From: Francois Swanepoel (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 04:43:35 MDT

I have download the latest and greatest version of YDL image and cut a
CD from the image. ( ydl-cs-1.2-install.img)
Made the dos floppy with the ZIMAGE on it from:

I rebooted the 43P model 140 and hit F8 to get the firmware prompt

0 > boot floppy:,\ZIMAGE

It then loaded something off the floppy for about 90 sec.
LED was at F4I

Then the following error scrolled over the screen. This is only partial,
if you need all of it let me know.
No ELF loader note section found in the image
!!! Number of progheaders :2
header #1
exitinf ELF section

DEFAULT CATCH!, code=7410e7f9 at %SRR0:0221b60c %SRR1:0000b030


LED is at FFA

I have tried other images and they all fail.

Is there a working image or could the problem be with the 43P?


Francois Swanepoel
AIX, HACMP and ADSM System Administrator
Tel: +2673616961
Fax: +267304144

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