Re: SSH long delay on login

Subject: Re: SSH long delay on login
From: cdowns (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 10:29:05 MDT

"William K. Gibson" wrote:

> on 9/6/00 11:19 AM, Peter M. Bagnall at wrote:
> > when I telnet to it and log on as myself I get in instantly. If I'm
> > telnetted in from MacOS and I su to root I get the root prompt instantly.
> > However, if I'm telnetted in from YDL and I su I have to wait several
> > minutes before the root prompt appears.
> Hmmm, isn't there something in the ssh docs that discuss the amount of time
> it takes to generate a new key? Perhaps you are generating a new key every
> single time or it is confused and generating keys multiple times?
> Just a guess...
> --William K. Gibson
> 1stDesk Systems

if you run a tail session on the machine are logging into ( tail -f -n 20
/var/log/messages ) you should see ( generating new rsa key ) this would be
one reason for the delay, keep this in mind....

good luck chris

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