Installation problem

Subject: Installation problem
From: Prashant Patel (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 11:13:11 MDT

Hello Everyone
      I recently purchase PowerPC G4 and Yellow Dog Linux. I created a
following partition using Drive Utility of Mac OS 9.
For linux : A/UX roor = 8.6G (hda11)
                 A/UX swap = 128M (hda10)
For Mac OS: Mac OS standard = 1 G (hda9)

  Thenafter i installed Mac OS and yellow dog linux successfully on 1 GB and
8.6 GB partition successfully. I also installed the BOOTX successfully. so
whenever i restart the machine, the BOOTX dialog box appears. Now from here
the problem starts. When i selects Linux from BootX dialog box, it tries to
load the linux. After detectiong some of the devices, it starts giving me
the following error.

usb : ... assigned device no # 1
usbcore : usb devise not responding, giving up ( error = -101 )
hda:hda: lost interrupt
hda1:hda: lost interrrupt
hda8:hda9hda:lost interrupt
   And keeps on continue. Only keyboard is attatched to the usb of cpu
tower. And mouse is attached to the keyboard usb. Did smb come across this
type of problem ? At the time of linux installation, it detects the usb. But
while loading the installed kernel, it doesn't detect usb. I don't know
where i am making mistake. Can anybody suggest anything ?

Prashant Patel

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