Re: newbie help needed

Subject: Re: newbie help needed
From: Karl Safranek (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 18:21:19 MDT

> #1- KDE and redhat have some internet setup and configuration tools but
> they seem to be set up to use dial in and a modem connected to the
> serial port. I live in western South Dakota and have a cable modem
> connected to a fiber optic connection ( black hills fibercom) and this
> connectes to my machine through my computers built in ethernet
> connection.
> How do I connect to my ISP?

I'm using Yellowdog CS 1.2 with cable (rogers@home) as my ISP. To connect
you may wish to look here:

I used this document to get myself on line:

There are ethernet specific graphical and non graphical configuration tools
in both LPPC and Yellowdog that might be of use. There's probably more, but
these three I'm familiar with.


They work with various degrees of success so you may have to 'tweak' the
files manually. If you check out the link to Randal Leavitt's site, he lists
all the files that need to be set up correctly and gives detailed
instructions in how to do it.

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