Re: ethernet problems on PM 8550

Subject: Re: ethernet problems on PM 8550
From: Robert Vogt IV (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 10:31:16 MDT

    Mr. Newsom,

    This is interesting.

    I have set up YDL on several machines similar to a 8550, including a
7500, and have not had this problem. Perhaps you need to zap your PRAM and
find the enet driver for the onboard ethernet in /lib/modules/2.*-*/net/?

    Hope this helps.


                            Robert Vogt IV

>Subject: ethernet problems on PM 8550
>Date: Sat, Sep 9, 2000, 9:19 AM

> I am having a strange experience with eth0 on a Powermac 8550 workgroup
> YDL CS 1.2.
> I get very inconsistent results when I use ifup eth0 to bring up my ethernet
> port. On bootup, it takes a long time to bring up the ethernet service, and
> when I finally get to the command line, and try to ping the network, no luck,
> I have to manually do the ifconfig, ifup, ifdown thing.
> For instance, ifconfig will confirm that the eth0 is up and broadcasting, but
> get no success when I ping a nearby server. So I give the ifup eth0 command,
> the machine thinks for a while, I get my command prompt back, now I can ping,
> but only using IP addresses. Do another ifup eth0, and sometimes I get name
> resolution, sometimes nothing!
> Could this just be a flaky ethernet card? On the back of the 8550 are both an
> rj45 jack, and an older trapedzoidal connection that requires a separate
> transciever.
> I am using DHCP, which works great on my PB G3 'lombard', and the various
> files are identical.
> John Newsom

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