Re: airport (again!)

Subject: Re: airport (again!)
From: Scott R. Every (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 18:09:23 MDT

i'll bet the answer is 'cause its there'
leaving the ethernet free for something else.
i'm getting a g4 cube and would LOVE to run it instead of the HW base
station i have...


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> I don't know if airport is working on g4s and Imacs yet but why do you
> want to run airport, just run an ethernet cable for petes sake
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>> Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 11:23:52 -0600
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>> Subject: airport (again!)
>> Folks:
>> Fueled by the excellent info I've gleaned from you all and reading I've
>> done elswhere, I have what is a pretty stable and secure private home
>> network.
>> What I'd like to do now is get my son's Blueberry iMac 350 on the network
>> (running MacOS 9.0.4), so that he can have the seamless access to the
>> Internet at large that I have going on my BSD box via ipchains. I'd also
>> like to do this
>> via airport if possible (my linux iMac and his Blueberry both have
>> airport cards obviously).
>> I'm running Benh's 2.2.17pre13-ben1 kernel and have his airport module
>> installed. The instructions at his site discusses the use of a base
>> station based network (which I don't have and don't plan to get since I
>> am using the Linux iMac as the router). I tried setting up the Blueberry
>> as a software base station to see if I could hack a solution, but could
>> not get things to work. I've been pouring over the sites referenced on
>> Ben's page and my possibility of sucess appears dismal.
>> Since there is no hardware base station involved, can I set this thing
>> up as a computer to computer connection somehow rather than a base
>> station connection or is that not possible?
>> Ben, are you out there : ) ?
>> Pat
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