Re: Sound problems

Subject: Re: Sound problems
From: Michael A. Peters ( )
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 09:03:28 MDT

If you are getting beeps at all- the sound module is loaded.

Open up Xmixer and play with the settings.

>I just started trying to set up sound on my 7200 running CS1.2, and I'm having
>some problems. I added the "alias sound dmasound" line to my
>file, and lsmod seems to be showing everything set up right, but I still can't
>get sound to work correctly. The only sound I can ever get is the
>beeps when I
>start esd. None of the sounds work in gnome, I can't get CDs to
>play, play and
>esdplay don't do anything. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for
>any help in

Michael A. Peters--

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