Re: mySQL installation

Subject: Re: mySQL installation
From: Darron Froese (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 16:33:30 MDT

on 9/11/00 4:06 PM, Gawain Reifsnyder at wrote:

> Bad news: The machine crashed before I was able to write down the
> information in detail but it was to the effect of:
> Kernel Panic: (unknown text here, something about accessing something
> it shouldn't)
> In interrupt handler - not syncing

You got more problems here than just MySQL - you should never kernel panic
your machine while compiling *anything*. If you do - you've got:

1. Hardware problems. (Bad RAM, Motherboard, Hard drive, Cable, etc.)
2. Kernel problems.

You're going to continue to have problems with anything and everything until
you figure out the reason for your kernel panics.


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