Re: USB Printer support, what models?

Subject: Re: USB Printer support, what models?
From: Peter M. Bagnall (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 20:00:38 MDT

>You best bet is probably
>>Anybody know where I can find a list of currently
>>supported USB printers? I heard the Epson 740i was
>>working, at least some people got it to work. but i'm
>>curious what others might be supported. if anybody
>>knows where I can find info like this it would be
>> -Jeremy T. K.

I've been looking into installing the various bits I need for my Epson 740
and the docs suggest that if linux supports the printer without USB (I
guess that implies the printer must have another interface), then all you
need to do is install USB printer support in your kernel and create the
appropriate device and link lpr to said device. The printer support
apparently is not a USB issue so much as having the appropriate printer
drivers. It might be worth your while taking a look at the instructions for
just installing any old USB printer first, then you'll know what you're in
for and what sort of thing you need to look for for specific printers.

Is that helpful at all?

Having said that, I havn't got it working yet, but that's another story...


Peter M. Bagnall -

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